About Kiana

I am devoted to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs achieve less stress and more flow in life, business & finances. After a massive spiritual awakening in 2010 I left my corporate sales manager position in the semiconductor industry for a spirit led path of creative entrepreneurialism focused on service and community. For more than 5 years I served leaders, visionaries and cultural creatives with my business development agency and while I found the projects I worked on very inspiring I often found myself in a cycle of working long hours for little pay... eventually I found myself broke and anxious, worrying about how I could change my reality.

It was at that time of rock bottom surrender that I discovered 3 key elements that allowed me to realign my life and business, building a multiple six figure income in less than a year in a way that felt effortless and fun. The best part is that I have been able to support hundreds, if not thousands, of other entrepreneurs to apply these principles to building their own business with Less Stress & More Flow. With an intention to support even more entrepreneurs in benefiting from what I've learned I'm delighted to be providing high level masterminds and setting forth on the journey of authoring my first book "Soul-Aligned Leadership" and excited to be sharing bits and pieces of it as it emerges through my blog. I hope you'll follow along and benefit from the journey!
xo - Kiana Prema