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With over 50,000 uses, the hemp plant holds the key to most of humanity's challenges. From soil remediation, hemp plastics, fuel, fibers and more Kiana is a passionate advocate for the sacred hemp plant. As a primary dietary supplement, nourishing the body's Endo-Cannabinoid System with hemp extract has provided drastically improved balance in physical, emotional and mental well-being for Kiana as well as tens of thousands more that have aligned with the hemp health & wellness products Kiana shares.

Hemp is also an industry in explosive growth thanks to recent government deregulation. Kiana has aligned herself with a best in class hemp brand and is training a team of entrepreneurs on positioning and growing a profitable business in this exciting and lucrative arena. The time is NOW to take advantage of this high growth period and we are looking for motivated and enthusiastic team members to join the mission!

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Become part of the world's fastest growing industry with a conscious company committed to transforming lives around the world through the power of hemp.

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Kiana Prema is a Black Diamond Affiliate with PrimeMyBody, a top income earner with an organization of over 12,000 affiliates in just 2 1/2 years and the 2018 Servant Leader award recipient. She has also been inducted into the PMB Affiliate Hall of Fame and is recognized throughout the company as a top trainer. Her dedication to service & community is at the heart of all she does and coaching & inspiring her team to success while transforming lives through hemp is her greatest passion.

Over the past two years I’ve worked closely with Kiana in building a hemp business (hempire). Kiana taught me helpful systems, as well as leads trainings and launch calls for my organization. She’s an incredibly resourceful and skillful leader. She taught me leadership skills and how to build a successful duplicatable business in less than a year. She’s given me massive support and the resources I needed as I grew my business to 6-figures last year! I’m grateful to call Kiana my friend, mentor, and inspiring leader in the hemp revolution. ~ Alinka Zellner,  PrimeMyBody Emerald Affiliate