Soul Aligned Leadership Mastermind
A 6 month journey for female network marketers, coaches, & transformational facilitators who are ready to scale their existing business or an additional stream of income to six figures and above.

Includes a weekly 90 minute Zoom mastermind with a curated & aligned group of boss babes, facilitated by Kiana Prema. 

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Kiana Prema is the former CEO & Lead Strategist of Collective Expansion, a full-spectrum brand development agency as well as one of the top producing affiliates in her network marketing company for the last 3 years. With over 16 years of entrepreneurial experience and multiple six figure income success, Kiana has a proven, clear and grounded approach to help even the most airy fairy and cosmic cases to solidify their offerings and share them in the world in a way that serves the greatest good of all.

Soul Aligned Brand Strategy

Using the CORE Branding Process developed by Jose Caballer, Kiana facilitates a powerful and illuminating brand development process that aligns your soul work with a clear brand identity, ideal client avatars and business plan for monetizing, marketing and managing your online brand.

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Hemp Health & Wellness

With over 50,000 uses, the hemp plant holds the key to most of humanity's challenges. From soil remediation, hemp plastics, fuel, fibers and more Kiana is a passionate advocate for the sacred hemp plant. As a primary dietary supplement, nourishing the body's Endo-Cannabinoid System with hemp extract has provided drastically improved balance in physical, emotional and mental well-being for Kiana as well as tens of thousands more that have aligned with the hemp health & wellness products Kiana shares.

Hemp is also an industry in explosive growth thanks to recent government deregulation. Kiana has aligned herself with a best in class hemp brand and is training a team of entrepreneurs on positioning and growing a profitable business in this exciting and lucrative arena. The time is NOW to take advantage of this high growth period and we are looking for motivated and enthusiastic team members to join the mission!

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